staten island 30 year loan

Staten Island, NY – $354,600

30 Year Loan

  • Loan Amount $354,600
  • LTV 90%
  • Interest Rate 10%
  • Staten Island, NY


United Lending has recently extended its financial services to a client in Staten Island, New York, by providing a substantial 30-year home loan. The loan amount, set at $354,600, is designed to assist in the purchase or refinancing of a residential property. A noteworthy aspect of this deal is the high loan-to-value (LTV) ratio of 90%, which indicates that the borrower is financing a significant portion of the property’s value through the loan, highlighting a more accessible pathway to homeownership for individuals with limited upfront capital. The interest rate for this loan is fixed at 10%, a figure that reflects the increased risk associated with a higher LTV ratio. This rate also aligns with the broader financial market trends and the credit profile of the borrower. United Lending’s commitment to providing tailored financial solutions in Staten Island, NY, is evident in this transaction, demonstrating their flexibility and dedication to accommodating diverse financial needs and circumstances in the dynamic real estate market.


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