best cities for fix and flips

Top Locations Nationally to Plan Your Next Fix or Flip

In today’s thriving real estate market, fix-and-flip properties have gained considerable attention from innovative investors seeking lucrative opportunities. With home flipping reaching its second-highest level in nearly a century, accounting for 9% of all sales, the potential for substantial profits is on the rise once again. The first quarter of this year saw a notable increase in gross profit from a typical flip, with a return on investment of 22.5%, amounting to $56,000. While costs are also increasing, impacting overall returns, the demand for flipped homes continues to surge among buyers. In this article, we will delve into the top locations nationally where planning your next fix or flip could lead to favorable returns. Let us explore these promising destinations that offer immense potential for real estate innovation.

Macon, Ga.: Home Flips at 16.8

With home flips making up 16.8% of home sales in the first quarter, Macon, Ga. emerges as a prime location for investors looking to engage in fix-and-flip projects. This high percentage indicates a strong demand for renovated properties in the area, making it an attractive market for those seeking profitable ventures. Macon, Ga. offers several advantages for fix-and-flip investors, including affordable property prices, a growing economy, and a favorable regulatory environment. Additionally, the city’s location in the heart of Georgia provides access to a large pool of potential buyers. By capitalizing on the current market conditions and leveraging innovative strategies, investors in Macon, Ga. have the potential to achieve significant returns on their fix-and-flip projects. The city’s thriving real estate market and investor-friendly atmosphere make it a lucrative destination for those seeking to capitalize on the growing demand for renovated homes.

Atlanta: Home Flips at 15.3

Home flips in Atlanta accounted for 15.3% of home sales in the first quarter, making it an attractive market for investors looking to engage in fix-and-flip projects. The city’s high percentage of home flips is a testament to the potential profitability of this investment strategy. Here are some key points to consider:

  • Atlanta’s robust real estate market provides ample opportunities for investors to find properties suitable for fix-and-flip projects.
  • The city’s strong job market and population growth contribute to the demand for housing, making it easier for investors to sell flipped homes quickly.
  • Atlanta offers a diverse range of neighborhoods, allowing investors to target different buyer demographics and cater to their specific preferences.
  • The city’s thriving economy and vibrant cultural scene make it an appealing location for both residents and potential buyers of flipped homes.

Jacksonville, Fla.: Home Flips at 15.2

Jacksonville, Fla. boasts a significant percentage of home flips at 15.2, indicating a thriving market for investors seeking profitable fix-and-flip opportunities. This statistic reflects the growing interest in the city’s real estate market and the potential for high returns on investment. Jacksonville offers a favorable environment for fix-and-flip projects, with a steady demand for renovated properties. The city’s attractive location and strong economy contribute to its appeal among investors. Additionally, Jacksonville’s housing market has shown resilience and stability, making it an ideal location for those looking to enter the fix-and-flip industry. With the right strategy and market knowledge, investors can capitalize on the opportunities presented by Jacksonville’s flourishing market and achieve substantial profits from their fix-and-flip endeavors.

Memphis, Tenn.: Home Flips at 14.4

Memphis, Tennessee boasts a solid percentage of home flips at 14.4, indicating a promising market for investors seeking profitable fix-and-flip opportunities in the area. With an increasing interest in flipped homes among buyers, Memphis presents an innovative landscape for investors to capitalize on. Here are two reasons why Memphis stands out as an attractive location for fix-and-flip ventures:

1. Growing Economy: Memphis has a robust and diverse economy, driven by industries such as logistics, healthcare, and manufacturing. This economic stability provides a strong foundation for real estate investments, ensuring a steady demand for housing.

2. Affordable Housing Market: The housing market in Memphis offers affordable options for investors. The relatively low cost of properties allows investors to enter the market at a lower initial investment, increasing the potential for higher returns on their investment.

Clarksville, Tenn.: Home Flips at 14.3%

What makes Clarksville, Tenn. an attractive location for fix-and-flip investors? Clarksville, Tennessee has emerged as an appealing destination for fix-and-flip investors due to its high percentage of home flips at 14.3%. This indicates a robust market for property rehabilitation and resale. With a steady demand for flipped homes, investors can expect a favorable return on their investment in this city. Furthermore, Clarksville offers a favorable business climate and a growing population, which contributes to the stability of the real estate market. Additionally, the area boasts a variety of affordable properties that present lucrative opportunities for investors. As the city continues to attract new residents, the demand for housing is expected to remain strong, making Clarksville an innovative and profitable choice for fix-and-flip investors.


Despite the rising popularity and potential profitability of fix-and-flip properties in certain locations, it is crucial for investors to carefully consider the costs involved in these ventures. While the first quarter trends offer optimism for the real estate market, the increase in home-flipping costs may impact overall returns on investment. It is essential for investors to thoroughly analyze the market and carefully plan their next fix or flip to ensure the best chances of success.

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